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Preschool- A 45 minute class for 2 1/2- 4 year olds. It's a fun filled combination class with singing, pre-ballet, and jazz.  Dancers will learn many forms of dance and music. This class encourages the discovery of the rythmical expressions and coordination. Class includes pre-ballet technique, french terminology, beginner tap steps to sing-along-songs,  & movement to jazz music. They will learn leaps, gallups, skipping, pas de chat, and walking on balance beams.  We offer 2 classes with each class being slightly different to find what your child likes.

Must be 2 1/2 and No diaper


Preschool Dance & Tumble- a 45 min class for 2 1/2 -4 yr old.  Its a song and movement class But incorporates tumble skills into each class.  They will learn forward, back, straddle rolls, handstands, cartwheel, splits.


Kinder Dance- An intro to dance for 4 1/2 - 6 year olds. This class is 45 minutes but offers both ballet and jazz. They will learn dance along songs, into to the ballet barre, ballet terminology in french,  definations, and how to properly execute moves. They will learn jazz movement, jazz isolations, and coordination type steps.  We also introduce beginning across the floor work. This class is great for the student not ready to do an hour of ballet and jazz and gives them a taste of both classes for the price of one!

Must be 4 1/2 or had 2 years of preschool


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