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OPEN Tumble-  This is a class that teaches all forms of Acrobatics and Gymnastics tumbling. Students will work strongly on strength, flexibility and technique.  This class will teach all the floor work of gymnastics and will also teach the tricks of tumbling. This is not a leveled class and students can not progress into levels without doing a level class. 


Tumble Team is a competitive team for the more advanced students- call to audition for this class.

Kinder Tumble- is for ages 4 1/2 -7. This is a beginner class for the younger student to learn

cartwheels, rolls, handstands, round offs and more.   45 min


TUMBLE TOTS- This class is for the youngest students Ages 3-4.  Must be 3. 

They will start walking on balance beam, forward rolls, cartwheels and back rolls.   30 min 


TUMBLE A- AGES 7-9 Beginners- Cartwheels, round offs, handstands, handstand bridge, headstands and more.

TUMBLE B- Beginner Ages 9 and up-  Carthweels, round offs, handstands, walkovers and more

TUMBLE C- Intermediate ages 9 and up- must be able to do handstands, walk overs and back bends= will work toward aerials and back handsprings.

ADV TUMBLE- aerials(FRONT & BACK), back handsprings, back tucks, layouts, fulls.

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