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Rentals available!!
The three studios/rooms are available to rent for your function or work meeting. Rooms 900, 1200, & 1600 sq ft or rent multiple rooms


We have added another space starting Sept 1, 2022

we will offer 3 studio spaces. Studios 2 & 3 are very large with high ceilings, large windows, and no obstructions. The third space is a 900 sq ft space for our younger children and adult classes.

 Studios 2 & 3 are located on the second floor and the third is located down 4 steps in the lower level of the building, next to Sweet Melissa. 

A large parent lobby is located on BOTH levels for your comfort.

Studio 3) 40'x40'   Studio 2) 40'x31' Studio 1) 975sqft

Dancers Den- Refrigerator and microwave available

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