Once a student reaches an intermediate level they are able to try-out for our Teams classes.


 This is a beginner class for the younger student to learn

cartwheels, rolls, handstands, round offs, and much more.  

45 min.

Ages 4 1/2  to 7


  Cartwheels, round offs, handstands, walkovers and back handsprings.

Ages 7 & up

Acro (tumble)


Cartwheels, round offs, handstands, handstand bridge, headstands, and more.

Ages 7 & up


We have several levels of teams that compete. Teams work on - front and side aerials, back and front handsprings, back tucks, layouts, and 1/2 twists and fulls. They will progress into twisting and more advanced skills as they are perfecting technique.  Foundations and techniques will be the deciding factor of moving into a team or moving up on teams.